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MCDS lady :

Hi there! We went to a Guilty Pleasure show at the Lakeshore Arts Festival. Wow, what a turn out of people and how fun! Though there were many bands, Guilty Pleasure had a fun, memorable list of songs that were so refreshing and we don’t know why more bands don’t play fun, popular songs that are so great like that, but they seem to never play them! Guilty Pleasure did and we noticed at the other stages people just walked by, but stopped and actually sat down to listen to Guilty Pleasure.  They sounded really good on the songs too. They sound like the artists!  My Fiance and I really enjoyed you guys! We can’t wait until you’re back out again!  


White Lake Yacht Club :

Guilty Pleasure allowed us to customize our song list.  By adding a few of our favorite songs for the night, like My Guy, they made the night so special for the retirement of our long running Board President.  It was fun, lot’s of dancing, and they personalized the show to make the evening truly special!  Thank you GP!


Muskegon Chamber Of Commerce :

We organized and hosted the Muskegon Lakeshore Festival of Arts 2015, summer event.  Many bands had cancelled on us at the last second.  We were pleased and appreciative of Kims’ professionalism and reliability for our community event.  We had a wonderful turnout and we noticed Guilty Pleasure had spectators dancing and engaged in their music! Thank you Kim!


Frank & Lidia :

I heard of Guilty Pleasure but I had never seen them perform. My girlfriend and I had them as the house band at our buddies wedding reception at the Lake House.  I was really impressed with that chic’s vocal range and the bands tightness. WOW they sounded really good.  She sings, plays guitar AND keyboards. Amazing!  All the while her stage presence she has was pretty cool.  The guitar players sound was really impressive and the whole band was super tight and their backing vocals were crazy. During a break we had to ask if they were all real harmonies, they said they were, wow! My girlfriend and I LOVED the set list! Nice job guys (and girl!)  :)  When you playing again?


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