Customize Your Song List!

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Here you can write us and let us know if you have a special event that you would like a completely customized song list by Guilty Pleasure!

When you request this service from Guilty Pleasure, Gp will sit down with you in person, because we understand anyone who is telling us what list of songs they would like Gp to perform, is taking their event seriously!  We take all opportunities seriously and professionally, however, we produce a very personalized, consultative approach in understanding your needs if you desire a specific song list to be performed.

Occasionally our clients ask why we do not post our song list.  First, it is ever changing and we are capable of learning songs specifically for your occasion.  Additionally, music is very subjective and we do not want you to see a specific list of music and think we would not perform something you might be extremely interested in!  Though there are some songs and styles of music we just cannot perform for varying reasons, we certainly will work with you to create a personalized event that is sure to be tailored to your specific audience.  Contact us if you have that special event that you would like a personalized song list performed.

We are reasonably priced for any song we personally learn, create, and perform for you!  All songs are dependent on the individual song to determine a per price rate.  The more songs you add, the more we discount the per song price.  With our à la carte pricing you can strictly add that “family favorite” or “our special song” for the night of your event. Whether we discuss one song or an entire set-list of songs, it will make your event truly personalized, fun packed, and relevant!

Gp can also provide a list of rockin’ original music!  Gp’s originals fall in the genre of popular and radio friendly, rock music.

You must provide your name and telephone number to make any inquires.  We look forward to performing for you!