Guilty Pleasure

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Welcome to Guilty Pleasure. Music for Everyone!

Gp is a professional cover band, covering artists from the 70’s to current. Gp promises to never play stale bar standards.  We only play a refreshing song list of top hits. We focus on being fun, energetic, and providing a wide range of popular songs everyone knows and loves!

We invite you to check out our website; about Gp, our photo gallery, and all song clips that are spread throughout our website.  Check out our event dates, and comment on our blog page (please be professional), maybe your’s will get posted on our site!

Be sure to click on our read MORE links, to learn more about our services and read about each band member.

Thanks for visiting our website! Please tell others about who we are. Gp offers great discounts (and sometimes even free performances) to those who believe in us and bring us more gigs!




  1. Admin says:

    This website is moving along very nicely :)

  2. Miss Gp says:

    I love this website! I love this band! :)

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